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BATI EGE MERMER that has been founded by Taner ARSLAN in 1987, took part in marble sector as a little marble atelier in Söke town of Aydın. In 1991, it founded a factory in Germencik of Aydın and started to mass production. Until 2007, it became one of the industry leading firms with quarries "Light Travertine", "Reale Travertine", "Noce Travertine" in Manisa Kula, "Lykia Marfil Beige", "Limestone Reale" in Antalya Elmalı, "Noce Travertine", "Pink Crystal" in Denizli. With industry leading projects and construction firms it carried out many projects thanks to "Myra Beige" quarry that was founded in Antalya Elmalı in 2007. In 2009, after death of Taner ARSLAN who is founder of the company, Olcay ARSLAN became board of directors. BATI EGE MERMER led by Olcay ARSLAN that founded "Taner Beige" quarry in Antalya Saklıkent in 2010 and had a sizable investment with new equipment pool, got started "Olmi" quarry in Antalya Elmalı and "Spider Brown" in Mersin Bozyazı in 2015. BATI EGE MERMER leading in natural stone production and Aydın tax champions lists, is one of first 1000 exporter in Turkey with AYTAN MADENCİLİK since 2012. Today, it is still one of the industry leading firms with its four quarries in Antalya Elmalı, Saklıkent and Mersin, factory in Aydın Germencik, young and dinamic team, without sacrificing quality, with power and reliability.



“Neşetiye Mah. Hürriyet Cad. No: 7, Germencik, Aydın, Turkey ”

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